Brake drum size chart

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Brake drum size chart

The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Brake line size, what is the best? What are most of you running? Any benefit to one over another? Also the wieght of whats in the res will give you residual pressure wich helps the brakes function as well no? Most of my cars were the non-traditional four wheel discs though.

I am a little funny about stopping. Like a couple people have said it doesn't really matter. In your case if all the original line is still good I would just get the adapters so you could tie into the new brake hoses.

Your brake system won't notice. Just make sure when you are done to double check for leaks. If no leaks than drive the piss out of it. You should be able to get the adapters in either brass or steel. Doesn't really matter that way either. If you stop down to a parts store they should be able to know what you would need. I definitly need to brush up on my brake knowledge for sure, Im getting ready to do the whole system on my I have done many and all have worked fine, but really understanding the reasons why they size the lines the way they do I need to figure out.

I was under the impression that the rear drums need the lower pressure to keep from locking up thats the reason for the larger line and the fronts had the smaller for the increased pressure for weight distribution during braking. Am I way off? This would be a natural brake bias for a single reservior system. Last edited: Aug 12, JohnEvansAug 12, It's whats at each end that counts more.

Johnny GeeAug 12, This is a good thread.Hub is NOT included. You must take your old drum and hub assembly with the new drum to a machine shop to be pressed together and have the new drum turned to make sure it is true. Sizes listed are shoe sizes. Model: Thunderbird Years: Model: Comet Years: 6 cyl. Model: Falcon Years: 6 cyl.

Model: Mustang Years: 6 cyl. Model: Ranchero Years: 6 cyl. Model: Cougar Years: New rotors include studs and bearing races. Bearings, dust caps, and seals are sold separately.

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Model: Galaxie Years: Model: Comet Years: Model: Falcon Years: Model: Mustang Years: Model: Fairlane Years: Model: Ranchero Years: Model: Torino Years: Model: Cougar Years: rear. Model: Mustang Years: rear. Model: Comet Years: rear. Model: Falcon Years: rear. Model: Torino Years: rear. Model: Fairlane Years: rear.Automotive Forums. You might also try calling a Ford dealer and with your VIN they may be able to tell you, but I'd still be measuring. So i can just measure the Outer Diameter of the drum then eh and that should do it.

How to Measure Drum Brakes

Because i'd rather not take the drum off unless I have to. Will also look for stamping. As Phil says, the 9 or 10 is based on inside diameter and while the max value is stamped into the casting, I've yet to be able to reliably read that number on the drums I've looked at.

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That said, they'll have to be pulled do the job anyway. And once you've overcome any challenges required to remove them once, it will go fast and smooth the next time. A buddy of mine had a Jeep laredo. We had to do drums and shoes on his. He called me asking what size drums to buy he's not a car guy I ask him to provide the dealer with the vin and then they'll be able to sell him the right drums.

Of course he does all this and go figure they sell him the 10 inch and he needed the 9. So, I'm always of the habit now of actually holding onto the piece I need to replace before spending any money To the OP, just pull the drum adjuster rubber plug, roll the star wheel to release the shoes and the drums should come off. It might take a bit of work as often there's a rust "ring" that develops, but either way they need to come off.

I wouldn't waste any money or time in turning the drums, it's just not worth it any more with the tight tolerances they put on drums and rotors. OK, no need to pull your brakes apart! Obviously, the curve of the shoe must match up to the inside of the drum - but the length of the shoe reflects how it was designed i. If you are planning to use after market parts, say AutoZone or such; you could just buy both sizes I often follow this scheme when not sure.

Also - having done drum brakes a few times: Take one side apart at a time.Brake drums encapsulate brake shoes. The wheel cylinder bores extend hydraulically upon demand and push the shoes outward to contact the interior diameter of the drum. The brake shoe composition is softer than the cast metal drums and wear away more quickly than the drum. The drums do wear, however, and can only get to a certain measurement--called discard--in order to remain effective.

An over-sized or thin drum will compromise the effective braking power of the drum brakes and can also be dangerous if the drum disintegrates. Remove the drum from the wheel employing a drum puller if necessary.

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De-adjusting the shoes may be required using a drum brake spoon and a thin screwdriver to depress the star adjuster retaining clip if applicable to the specific drum braking system.

Some drum brake systems may also employ retaining screws on the hub facing of the drums to hold them in place to the hub. Remove the screws first--in this application--before attempting to remove the drums.

Inspect the outer facing of the rotor and locate the stamped maximum diameter or machine-to diameter in the cast. If unable to read due to rust and corrosion or not applicable to the specific drum, a drum and rotor discard specifications chart will be required to learn the machine-to and discard measurements on the specific drum.

Each vehicle is different, so finding the year, make and model of the vehicle on the chart will illustrate the necessary measurements. Determine the size of the drum used on the specific car, the amount of run-out allowed, the machine-to specification and the discard specification on the chart. Place the drum face down onto a flat surface so the interior diameter of the drum is facing upward.

brake drum size chart

Inspect the interior interior diameter and hub mating surface of the drum for visual surface cracks. Look for scores or grooves along the surface of the interior diameter. If present, these damaged areas will be where the anvils on extendable arms of the micrometer need to sit. Loosen the lock screw on one of the arms along the shaft of the micrometer.

Apply the actual drum size for this measurement. If the vehicle uses a Set the other arm to inch and then add four more of the 0. Place the micrometer anvils inside the drum--place them in any scores or grooved is applicable--and rock the micrometer back and forth along the inside diameter of the drum.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy.

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Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. I assume there was only 10 and 11 drums, but this may prove me wrong. The big block Mustangs and Rancheros had 9" rears with small bearings and 10" drums something like We were told by the parts house guy at the time, that the new drums were Dodge and they could be due to the extra five holes like you find on ChryCo.

Types of Drum Brakes

Even so, they could be drums that fit either end and the extra holes are for the front hub rivets. Along with that I've been told by a knowledgeable guy that the Ford hub register hole and the Dodge are different.

So take all that with a grain or two of salt. But, they are expensive new and it's tough to find decent ones at the junkyard. Not sure why the difference there, it looks like the drum was made that way so it could go front or rear.

A small fwiw that probably won't impact the stock axle user was that we had to bore the drum register hole out. Other than that, not too much trouble. One piece of information that would help is to find out how many different backing plates there are. C9Nov 9, If i recall right, there are 5 different bearing offsets for the ford 9", the bearing offset is the distance from the backing plate retainor to the axle flange. So there are at least that many different brake combinations. Be nice to have some kind of chart with it all laid out with off sets and diameters and models of car etc.

Maverick 5 lug rears use 3 different drums over the span of like 6 years. I've got the bendix catalog if someone wants to compile an application list. Sounds like a plan, I hope somebody will come on who can add value to this Thread. The register size is different for cars and trucks, learned that the hard way trying to put car drums on truck axles I am going to put some more info here in a format that can hoefully be useful using the stuff posted.

I am not all that knowledgeable in this department that is why I asked the question in the 1st place, but in more recent times, I've seen a variety of 9 inch brakes stuff so I will keep you posted.

Any additional info any HAMBers have is welcome and can be added now. The main thing you need to know which rear you have. There are small bearing, large bearing Old style and large bearing new style. As long as you get the right bearing style you got half the battle won.

brake drum size chart

The next thing is make sure you get the backing plate and drum from the same car. Like they said before there are a lot of differnent offsets with the brakes. I have found 11 inch drums on some of the full size car from the 60's and 70's Just watch out for the 5 on 5 bolt pattern.

Now thats a oddball. I had a hard time trying to locate brake parts for my 9" 78 mercury marquis think they were Brake Drum Size Chart. Removal of spindles from the car is not necessary. With Ferodo, you're in control!.

TRW Drum Brake products put safety first through unmatched quality.

Brake Drums

I have a set of Type 3 rear brakes, and the new bits and pieces like wheel cylinders and drums, in my motorhome. The width is also referred to as the head size. What is the bolt size that removes the brake drum? The inner rim of the drum is the braking surface. This morning I decicded to remove the wheels from my two-wheel drive Tundra so that I could check the condition of the brake pads and brake But it does not say what size bolt to use.

Blair, Virginia Beach; an extended version will be printed in The Brickline, the magazine for Bricklin owners. Filter by Brake Sizes 2'' 1 4'' 8 4. Factory hose is generally rubber jacketed.

These instructions also can be used to replace the brake drums, in addition to the shoes. By sending us photos of your ride you are allowing us to share these pictures with our customers. Electric, 10" x 2. These residual check valves are used on drum brake systems to keep around 5 psi. The front brakes do most of the work as the vehicle's weight pushes forward while stopping.

The rest of the friction surface looked OK, no heat damage and the brakes did not surge or have a pulsating brake pedal before I did the work so I figured they were not out-of-round.

brake drum size chart

If scoring or other wear is greater than. In addition, on an all drum system there is no need for one. When they are used it is only on the rear axle.Arnar Thor was VERY helpful and patient.

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