Ego snow blower problems

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Ego snow blower problems

They boast it delivers the performance of a gas blower minus the noise, fuss, and fumes. It runs up to 60 minutes on Low, 18 min on High, and 10 on Boost before you need to recharge it. When done, you can pop off the battery and place back in the charger.

It comes with a 2. And judging from YouTube video reviews like the one below it does seem to have some power:. If you are looking to clean up your property and have some money to, er, blow, EGO Blower seems like it will be a good purchase. What do you think? Did you buy EGO Blower and are you happy or did it disappoint? Let us know below! Do NOT buy. Excellent concept, but the battery is a piece of junk.

ego snow blower problems

Battery power lasted 15 minutes on regular power, not even using the turbo function. If you do decide to buy this leaf blower, be prepared to buy one or two extra batteries.

I will never buy an EGO product again.

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Help others find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful? I love my EGO products. My husband even sold all his Petrol ones but I did buy bigger batteries. I have had mine for 4 years and still going more. Tool okay, customer service is horrible. I only had the tool for a couple of months, so I can't really critique it. However, as I was filling out the registration card for the warranty, a note said that I should keep my receipt. Well I bought the tool online from Home Depot with the pick it up at store option.

I paid online using PayPal. So I don't really have a typical receipt. I called customer service, and after half hour wait, I press the option zero to leave a message. The phone was transferred to Skil.

So I called back and press "Option 1" to get a callback. Wish I didn't wait. My warranty ran out before I even gave this blower a good workout. I used it sparingly just to clear the leaves and debris out of the garage. Today, on November 17th, with a fully charged 2. Setting the power between medium and high, the battery lasted minutes tops.

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Are you kidding me? Why sell a product with a battery that won't complete a simple job? I know! Just to get you to buy another battery that costs more than the original one, plus the blower.Author: Dr.

The major strong point of the Ego brand is its battery technology, which is claimed to be the most advanced in the industry. Ego is known particularly for its cordless equipment that works great without producing noise.

The company has been developing this technology for 10 years and today, the first line of its cordless outdoor equipment has filled the niche in the market. Ego produces millions of units annually, which are sold in more than 60 countries all over the world. What is the best Ego snow blower? While being affordable, the machine is very efficient and, have no doubt, it will perfectly do its job. The unit has a decent clearing width, which amounts to 21 inches.

This is a single-stage snowblower, so it is not as powerful as the two-stage ones but has the advantage of being more lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use. That said, the machine features good throwing distance, up to 35 feet, whereas many multiple-stage models of other brands can throw snow a distance of no more than 25 feet. And finally, this model is pretty user-friendly as it comes with a foldable handle and is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions.

Wondering what is the best snow blower on the market in ? Read our beneficial buyer's guide to the best snow blowers. Name required. Anatom Updated 24 March EGO 21 in. Add comment Name required E-mail Title.

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Cookies make it easier for us to provide you with our services. With the usage of our services you permit us to use cookies.Michael LaPlante. Brock sherwood. Peter Wachter. Blue AngelChampion. KenChampion. Oregon MikeChampion. Jacques Dupuis. Michael Stephensen. Powered by Get Satisfaction. New Post. Home Categories About. Sign In Register. Community Home All Problems. My EGO snowblower will not start. I used it on our driveway and sidewalk and it worked fine.

Then I used it on the neighbor's place that I help out. I was going through light fluffy snow and hit packed snow and it shut off and will not re start even with 2 fully charged batteries.

Michael LaPlante Points. All 7 Replies Popular. Brock sherwood Points. Did you happen to pull the batteries out for a few minutes and put them back in assuming they are charged enough and also clean out the snow from the auger? Submit Cancel.

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Yes I did all that. No snow in the auger and it rotates just fine. I recharged the batteries and wiped out the battery receptacle making sure it was dry. So everything is set to go.Clearing heavy snow is one of the most troublesome chores for a homeowner. Cold temperature, bad weather, and wind often jeopardize the attempts to remove the white material from your pavements. But EGO snow blower can help. I hear you screaming. Could it ever deliver the same performance as a gas-powered unit?

Surprisingly, it can.

My Ego snowblower will not start

Certainly, EGO snow blower has its limitations. But once you get to know them, this unit comes packed and loaded with awesome benefits. To convince ourselves of its efficiency, we tested its capabilities on various occasions. Curious how it did? Read on to find it out! For quite some time, the world of snow blowers was dominated by the gas-powered units. Powerful, strong, and able to withstand all challenges, a manufacturer focused on improving exclusively their characteristics.

This is how dual and triple stage snow blowers were created. But in this world of gas-powered technology, someone had the idea to introduce electric and cordless machines. And cordless technology immediately started to compete with gas-powered. However, before investing in a cordless snow bloweryou should be well-aware of the limits and capabilities of these units. First, cordless machines are often less powerful than gas powered. This means a weaker force of lifting snow, therefore they are more suitable to use in an area with light snowfalls.

Most cordless units are only manufactured as single stage snow blowers. This means the auger lifts, collects, and throws snow in one motion. While this method works wonders with light snow, it might be limiting with wet or heavy snow.

Therefore, before investing in a cordless snow blower, you should consider the following things. In fact, the manufacturer is renowned for its exceptional cordless power tools that are perfectly comparable with their gas-powered counterparts.

The blower deals effortlessly with all types of snow, including heavy wet snow. Or you can buy the core tool alone, and save some money. High efficiency is also guaranteed by an efficient brushless motor that prolongs the lifespan of the product. Moreover, the unit has a inch wide intake, which means it can plow large areas in a breeze. Coming with easily adjustable speeds and a simple auger control.

Talking about the auger, EGO understands the importance of a heavy-duty component and equipped its machine with a serrated steel auger with rubber paddles. Rubber lifts effortlessly the snow, it can deal with accumulations up to 13 inches and will protect your pavements from damage. A limitation of this type of auger is the capability of working on gravel surfaces.Winter is right around the corner which means we have to start thinking about snow.

In the past, I was the guy who never wanted a snow blower. For me, I loved shoveling. I felt like I was getting a little exercise and just loved the peace and quiet outside when it was snowing. A gas engine always took away the peace and quiet. While I would give up my exercise, I would still get the peace and quiet with the battery powered snow blowers. While we liked both snowblowers, they both were lacking important aspects such as power and we knocked them for minor quality issues.

For the last two years, I have been using the Snow Joe and have been happy with the snow blower. Again, it lacked power and the ability to throw the snow far, but at the time it was really one of the only options on the market. I just had to make sure I planned ahead of time. If I stayed on top of it, I was okay. However, there were plenty of times it would snow overnight or when we were out.

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During those times, I would end up shoveling. I would also end up shoveling the end of the driveway because the snow was piled up from the snow plows. If you have been following us for a while, you know we are huge fans of Ego products.

Ego has forced other companies that have been in the OPE before Ego, to play catch up with their own products. For me, there is a lot to love about Ego products, but the two most important aspects that I love about them is quality and service. Every one of their products we have tested have been quality products.

They want to release products that get the job done and are also innovative. While they are aiming for those two points, they want it to be the best quality product on the market. Second on the list is customer service. So for these two reasons, yes I am a huge fan of Ego. So when we had a chance to do an Ego Snow Blower Review, we jumped at it.Carrie Lawrence. Tae Cooke. Bruce Cooper. Michael G. Rene Langlois Lariviere.

John Pearson. Martha Rietveld.

ego snow blower problems

Diane Ambrose. Michael Stephensen. Powered by Get Satisfaction. New Post. Home Categories About. Sign In Register.

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My Ego snowblower will not start. After a night of wonderful November winter weather, I went to go pull out my snowblower for the first time this season, only to find the batteries not even responding to the unit. The batteries have been kept indoors all off-season, and are both fully charged and showing the green all clear light. But when I put them into the blower, it does nothing; doesn't even show the green light saying "hey I have power!

Turn me on! It just flat out refuses to work. Any suggestions? Carrie Lawrence 90 Points. Posted 5 months ago. All 10 Replies Popular. Tae Cooke 2, Points. Just used mine today for the first time this season. Can you turn the headlights on? If not, check the batteries, but probably an internal electronics failure : When you say "fully charged", did you just charge them, or have they been dormant all summer? If the latter, they are in hibernation. Recharge them and try again. Do you have other tools you can test the batteries with?

Verify that you are pressing the green button before pulling the bale lever. Tae is on point. Submit Cancel. Bruce Cooper Points.This battery electric-powered EGO has a 21 inch clearing width and comes with electric start. It also has a headlight.

ego snow blower problems

Unlock for unbiased ratings and reviews for products and services you use everyday. In our lab tests, Snow Blower models like the SNT are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below. Predicted reliability: Predicted brand reliability icons are based on estimated problem rates for newly purchased single-stage battery snow blowers, not under service contract, within the first four years of ownership. Owner satisfaction: Owner satisfaction icons are based on the proportion of members who are extremely likely to recommend their single-stage battery snow blower to their friends and family.

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Our predicted brand reliability ratings are based on a statistical model that estimates problem rates within the first 4 years of ownership, for single-stage battery snow blowers that are not covered by an extended warranty or service contract.

The median in our survey was 5 hours. Higher ratings are indicative of better reliability. Brands receiving a red or orange rating cannot be recommended by CR at this time. Our owner satisfaction ratings are based on the proportion of members who are extremely likely to recommend their single-stage battery snow blower brand to friends and family.

Reactivate now to get the information you were looking for! If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care FAQs or access your account information here. Sign In. Become a Member. Remember Me. Not a member? Need further assistance? Please call Member Services at Snow Blowers. Subscribe Now. Or, Sign In. Ratings Scorecard. Unlock for unbiased ratings and reviews for products and services you use everyday Subscribe Or, Sign In.

Width: The snow blower's clearing width, or swath, in inches. Snow Joe. Owner Satisfaction. Source: Consumer Reports' and Spring Surveys. Engine size Engine size For battery powered snow blowers - voltage of the battery is displayed.

Electric start Electric start Most models offer a plug-in starting device that saves you the hassle of pull-starting the engine, but you need to be near an outlet. Multiple speeds Multiple speeds For two-stage models, most come with multiple forward speeds and two reverse speeds. The ability to vary ground speed according to snow conditions gets the job done faster.

Some of the least expensive two-stage models have only one forward speed. This feature lets you hold down both control levers with one hand, leaving the other hand free to adjust the chute controls.

ego snow blower problems


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